December 07, 2012

Vintage Family Friday

A while ago I was looking through a suitcase full of pictures that belonged to my grandpa and came across this one and just fell in love. I think it's a beautifully shot picture. It also has so much mystery attached to it! There's no information on the back, other than the year (1949). The two people in the picture are almost just shadows. I'm pretty sure the one on the right is my grandpa and the other one wearing white trunks is his best friend named Zac, who he would often go on camping & fishing trips with during summers. But I can't be totally sure. Also, who was the person taking the picture? I want to know everything! I also love that it's two boys holding hands, you don't see that much. I'm also including two other pictures of my grandpa and his best friend, who I think is in the first picture. Because I'm me, part of me is hoping that my grandpa was a bit queer. Haha. But I'll never know. I wish I interviewed him about his life!

[grandpa: black trunks, Zac: white trunks]


  1. Replies
    1. They were very close while growing up that for sure! I never met him (Zac) but my mom remembers him.

      P.S Great seeing you here! I added you back. :) Yay for Deaf blogs!

  2. These photos are so cool! Love blasts from the past, especially when there is a little mystery involved :)

    1. Totally, the mysterious ones are always the best! :)